The Blind Reader Translates any Text into Braille Inscription

Saturday, March 23rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Until today, the only way people with sight disability can read is by printing the text into braille. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, such method has remained unobstructed for almost a century, indicating that nothing is better than it. However, Jia Mengyin and Bao Haimo have come to propose a solution which is claimed to be more efficient.

The Blind Reader Text to braille converter

Dubbed as The Blind Reader, this handheld device is capable of translating any written text into braille, saving the cost for extra paper. Not to say it will open more chance for the sight impaired to consume a whole lot more publication.

The Blind Reader

Instant braille translation device is not necessarily new as a few while ago typical gizmos have surfaced as well. However, compared to them, Mengyin’s Blind Reader seems better, thanks to its intuitive functionality. Basically, users only need to take it out of their pocket and put it above the printed paper. The built-in scanner will immediately read the text and at the same time convert it to braille.

It’s somehow amazing to think that such components can be combined and squeezed into a housing which is hardly larger than an iPhone. Still, looking at how it stands now, it might still be quite a while before The Blind Reader is made commercially available. Mengyin and Haimo must convince big manufacturing companies that their invention is of top quality, so they won’t mind investing in it.

Previously, there is yet another interesting concept which is designed to help the blind walk the right path. It’s called the Eye Stick and it looks like that neat lightning sabering Star Wars!

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