The Electric Motorboat, Easy and Affordable Way to Enjoy Relax Time on the Water

Saturday, January 26th 2013. | Miscellaneous

If you like to go to the lake or rent a motorboat for fishing or enjoy relax time in your holiday, have your own Electric Motorboat is a good idea.  Hammacher Schlemmer Electric Motorboat series are available for one person and couple. These are pictures of the single and double seat The Electric Motorboat:

The Electric Motorboat

Deluxe Electric Motorboat

You can enjoy your relax time with Hammacher Schlemmer electric watercraft for up to six hours. With The Electric Motorboat, you can visit neighbor docks, fishing and enjoy fun time in calm lakes in style. As you can see, this couple’s motorboat uses the newest fiberglass construction technology. The exterior has mahogany and chromed moldings.  Plus it also has stainless steel drink holders to enjoy favorite drinks with your couple or alone.

The Electric Motorboat by Hammacher Schlemmer

Interesting Features for Fun Time on the Water

Do not worry about the balance of The Electric Motorboat because this motorboat provides stability for couple up to 550 lbs. it’s also spacious with wide beam and low center of gravity. Electric water boat also equipped with 120-watt audio system with double 5” speakers to listening to your favorite mp3 playlist from your music media player devices.

If the energy is empty, you can recharge the dual sealed lead acid batteries without remove it from the watercraft. Automatic bilge pump is also included inside the Electric Motorboat. This limited edition Hammacher Schlemmer electric watercraft also has other brother: The Hot Tub Boat that also able to help you enjoy fun time on the water easily. For $4000 (double) and $3,500 (single), The Electric Motorboat could be a good investment for you who love enjoy your relax time on the water.

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