The Emperor Is The Ultimate Workstation for Your Desktop

Friday, June 7th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

Most desktop PCs today pack considerably greater horsepower, in comparison to, laptop, especially if you know some hardcore overclockers in your neighborhood. But that doesn’t make them a better choice over laptop. I, myself, prefer to use my laptop. Though it does get lag now and then, at least I don’t have to statically anchor my bum on a hard wooden chair with plain wall background behind the monitor. Still, if you have some good chunk of cash, you might be able to work around it with The Emperor.

The Emperor 1510 LX Workstation by MWE Lab

Designed by MWE Lab, The Emperor is a workstation aimed for dedicated desktop users. The maker attempts to cater different consumers’ financial strength by manufacturing two models. The last year model, Emperor 200, costs no less than a cool $50k while the Emperor 1510 LX, which is just announced recently, starts at $6k. I know both are still quite expensive for most people but it doesn’t change the fact the great price margin is still very apparent right there. Check it out in the video below!

What makes Emperor 200 far more expensive is the fact that it comes with three 24-inch touchscreen monitors as well as motorized positioner, allowing for easy configuration, should you find the current angle is not comfortable. Not to say that it looks more solid and rigid as well. On the other hand, the Emperor 1510LX, though still retains almost all the features, lacks the touchscreen and quick position adjustment functionality. Now pay your rich uncle a visit and persuade him to get you one for the upcoming Christmas.

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