The Germ-inator : Terminates All the Pesky Germs

Tuesday, January 15th 2013. | Medical

Hand sanitizing stations now have become so much more prevalent in hospitals. In case you wonder why, your hands are the place where germs and bacteria flourish the most, even when they look entirely clean. However, recent research suggests that even after having your hands sanitized, there are still some spots in your hands where those germs prevail. Diacre Nicolas understands this and has come up with what he calls as the Germ-inator.


Germ-inator Hand sanitizing stations

Unlike conventional sanitizing stations, the Germ-inator works in two steps: sanitation and scanning. As you put your hands in front of its grill-style opening, the device will process the stored hydro-alcoholic solution and plastic micro-ball solution into mist. This mist will be discharged through its opening and should terminate all the germs and bacteria. Using mist for the sanitizing medium is said to be more efficient than liquid solution.

The Germ-inator by Diacre-Nicolas

However, that’s not where it shines over regular sanitizing stations. Having sanitized your hands, you can place your hands underside the machine. This will trigger the switch of a UV DEL light capable of telling you which parts of your hands that still contain germs. These parts will glow brighter under the said light and you can repeat the process if you find ones.

Germ-inator Hand sanitizing stations by Diacre Nicolas

Sure it’s more of a chore but will you compromise the health others just because of your literally dirty hands? By the way, while it sounds good, it may take a while before all hospitals stateside replace all their sanitizing stations with Germ-inator. What are you saying about this ?

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