The Girlfriend Coat Hugs You Better than Your Loved One

Tuesday, April 9th 2013. | Miscellaneous

At the cost of the advanced progress it makes almost in the entire business fields, lives in Japan are incredibly individualistic. Person to person interaction is almost nonexistent. Likewise, girls there act as if they hardly need any man, leaving a bunch of dudes there struggle against the choking loneliness. Such situation has encouraged a number of engineers from University of Tsukuba to develop this Girlfriend Coat.

The Girlfriend Coat

In a nutshell, this coat is designed to make you feel as if you were hugged from behind by a girl. To make it even warmer, you’re required to wear the accompanying headphones from which a girl voice will come out. HikaruSugira, a part of the engineering team, claims that with this, everyone can enjoy the feeling of having a girlfriend. Now you can call it neat, creative, slick or whatever you find fit but honestly, I pity these guys. Check it out in action on the demo video below!

Not stopping there, the engineers have planned to blend in yet another stimulator that can give the wearers a feeling of being kissed, leaving no room for their actual girlfriends to step in. Not like they have any, by the way. This Girlfriend Coat is a result of a quick hacking project, so don’t expect it to be commercially available or even make it stateside. If you think I was kidding about the description of lives in Japan above, Check out Touchy. Eric Siu designed this camera man to promote human physical interaction in his country.

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