The Grip and Shoot Is a Pistol Grip for Your iPhotography Passion

Saturday, June 29th 2013. | Mobile Phones

It is a fact that a trend for iPhotography has undergone serious decline ever since the market is introduced to desktop-friendly 3D printers. However, it doesn’t mean that the interest in this particular market segment has completely withered. A good product might still receive viral positive responds, though it seems a little difficult. Speaking of a good iPhotography product, The Grip and Shoot looks to have the edge.

Grip and Shoot - Bluetooth 4.0 Camera Remote for iPhone 4S

Basically, it’s a device that will help bypass all the fuss and awkwardness of capturing images using smartphone. All you need is wrapping your iPhone with a special case that comes with the device and connecting it to the grip via a fastening clip. Once in place (see if the blue LED is on), run the accompanying app which will link both your handset and the grip via Bluetooth. Now you should be good to go.

Grip and Shoot provides an ergonomic pistol grip for iPhone photographers

Featuring a number of buttons, you no longer have to tap the touchscreen to trigger the shutter. Zooming in and out is also made easy via a dedicated pair of +/- buttons.To prevent slippery hazard, both sides of the grip are equipped with textured surface. On its bottom, you can find a removable stand that you can clip right to the iPhone case, turning the grip into a remote trigger.

For game and app developers, the maker of Grip and Shoot has provided an open API. They can use it to help create a game that can benefit from the grip like first-person shooter for example. Expect it to hit stores on July with price starting at $99.95 which has included everything like the case and pouch.

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