The Hot Tub Boats for Various Water Views Bathing Time

Friday, January 25th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Many people like to enjoy great time in outdoor hot tub with friends while chatting and get pleasure from lovely views around the hot tub. But as we all know if the hot tub is situated on a place, you only able to enjoy the similar view from time to time. How if you and friends can enjoy portable The Hot Tub Boat which allows you enjoy various views while you enjoying great time in your hot tub? Sample of pictures are shown below:

The Hot Tub Boat

Portable outside Hot Tub for Various Water Views

Hammacher Schlemmer The Hot Tub Boat actually is an electric boat that contains a hot tub built into its deck. This is another interesting invention from Hammacher Schlemmer which is built in Seattle, WA. Just like an ordinary outside hot tub, you can enjoy it with up to 7 friends or maximum load of 2,100 lbs. The good thing about this electric watercraft is you can bring it wherever you have holiday on the water. You can enjoy outside hot tub with other bathers in the calm lake, river, sea, or other calm water places.

The Hot Tub Boat by Hammacher Schlemmer

Electric Hot Tub Boat Attracting Features

The Hot Tub Boat was designed by a marine carpenter expert who has specialized in custom house boats. The size of the electric hot tub watercraft is 8’ L x 4’ W x 24” D and very stable on the water.  It has diesel-powered boiler with an adjustable thermostat heats.

Bathers can enjoy up to 104° F water and it’s great for autumn or winter holiday. Just like the brother: The Electric Motorboat, inside the boat, you will find waterproof stereo system for play your favorite tunes and joystick to steer the boat. The Hot Tub Boat batteries are rechargeable up to 10 hours. For $42,000, The Hot Tub Boat can be one great investment for the outside hot tub lovers.

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