The Look Lock System Helps Steal Your Kid’s Attention

Friday, December 7th 2012. | Camera & Accessories

Don’t get misled by the name, surely there is nothing very scientific about Look Lock System. But then, there is a time when simplicity outperforms complexity especially when it comes to getting your kid’s attention. Designed by Tether Tools, Look Lock System is made to help photographers get the children to face the camera.

The Look Lock System

If you’ve already got a toddler or at least have tried to take a nice picture of her, you will know how frustrating it is to get their attention and ask them to face the camera. Unlike us, kids have their own point of view on this world and they only care about what makes them happy. So, unless you have something that may look interesting to them, you will not likely engage them and they’ll be busy with their own business for sure.

Tether Tools Look Lock System

Built to represent an artificial arm, Look Lock System can help hold your smartphone which you have set to display some kids’ pictures or videos while you’re taking some shots. The device has an articulating joint and it’s attached easily on your camera, thanks to the hot shoe mount. It’s made of aluminum, so it won’t considerably add the weight you have to bear on your hand.

On the old times, the kid’s parents on the background usually make some monkey calls or whatever they can to get their little one’s attention while the photographer is set to capture the moment she smiles. With Look Lock System, Tether Tools expect that you, parents, won’t embarrass yourself any longer. Now I know what my teacher meant when she said “Keep it simple stupid!”

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