The Man Ring Offers Multiple Built-In Utilities for Men

Saturday, February 2nd 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Who says jewels aren’t made for men? All male rappers wear them, though they don’t look any prettier with all those blinks. Speaking of men’s jewels, BooneRings have one that might be appealing for you. Called The Man Ring, this thing’s got a set of tiny utilities that may give you a hand while doing your men’s work.

The Man Ring

The material is said to be premium titanium that is used in the production of an aircraft. Specifically, there are five different tools concealed in its minimalist yet sleek design line: a bottle opener, a serrated knife, a straight blade, a saw, and even a comb. The latter probably sounds ridiculous to you but it’s not intended for your hair. Instead, it’s made to help make your moustache neat, if you have one, of course.

All these utilities are made of different titanium plates and they’re all screwed into one with brass rivets on each corner. Each unit is custom sized to match your finger and you can even ask BooneRings to engrave it with your favorite line. That’s expected, though, given that you need to pop up $385 for one unit of The Man Ring which is rather ridiculous for me.

Sure, it might not break when used to deal with rough stuff but given its size, I don’t think it’s of any use. Take that tiny saw, for example. You don’t really think it can cut any wood, do you? For small wood, it may work but why use a saw if you can break it with your own hand. All that being said, Swiss Army Knife looks like a better deal for me at that price point.

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