The Natalia Project Bracelets Make Sure No One Abducts You

Monday, April 8th 2013. | Security

It’s countless how many human rights activists have been abducted and murdered in their struggle to protect the others. So far, the protection given by many nations for them seems too fragile. Not wanting to see yet another civil activist kidnapped and end up being killed, CRD (Civil Rights Defenders) which is based in Stockholm has developed The Natalia Project. In general, it’s a special bracelet capable of sending out a text alert in a dangerous situation.

Natalia Project bracelet

The name is taken from Natalia Estemirova, a human rights activist murdered four years ago in Chechnya. It is expected that when an activist is kidnapped and immobilized by some evil party, he or she can surreptitiously send out a message to his/ her Twitter and Facebook account as well as to the operators working in CRD headquarter in Stockholm. Such functionality can be triggered by a push of a button or when the bracelet is taken off forcibly. Check it out in the video below!

In order to keep evil parties from finding a way to disable The Natalia Project bracelets, the technology behind its development is not disclosed in detail. The CRD’s spokesperson only tells that it features a GPS together with GSM technology. All of the message is preformatted. It will include information dealing with when and where the message was sent.

Although it might not completely stop abduction against human rights activist, it can at least show the world who are the main players behind this inhumane crime. CRD expects that in 2014, there will be no less than 50 units of Natalia Project activated but until now only one has been funded.

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