The New Version of LG Magic Remote Understands You like Personal Assistance

Saturday, December 22nd 2012. | Household

LG Magic Remote has been around for quite a while but apparently it receives somehow a lot of negative feedback from users, thanks to its poor voice recognition capability. Thankfully, the electronic behemoth took a fast response. Today, the new version of LG Magic Remote is unveiled and you won’t need to argue with your TV remote like crazy ever again.

LG Magic Remote

Indeed, the remote is claimed to bring significance enhancement to the said feature. The cause is the Natural Language Recognition software which is injected into the device, enabling you to engage it to a more conversational voice command. Granted, the device is now smarter and more obedient. LG said that it’ll execute your voice command immediately after you finish pronouncing it; no need for silly and annoying command repetition.

LG Magic Remote New Version

LG New Version Magic Remote

As for the rest of the features, there doesn’t seem any notable difference with the previous model. That said, the new version of LG Magic Remote still has the point, wheel, and gesture modes. Pointing the remote to the TV will give you an on-screen pointer you can use to click, drag, and drop stuff. Scrolling the wheel will make it easier for you to browse long pages on the net. And finally, any spatial gestures that the remote think is relevant will be translated into an action; pretty much like AirHarp and Leap Motion.

There are two models of this new LG Magic Remote. One is included with the LG’s premium CINEMA 3D Smart TVs and one comes along with the more affordable standard version of the said TV.

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