The Ripple Is a Handy Bowl and Plate Combo

Friday, April 26th 2013. | Around The Home

What is better to do in the afternoon other than snacking some homemade crackers with tasty dips? You’ve got a plateful of crackers on your right hand and a bowl of dips on your left hand. I’m sure there’s no problem with that but sometimes phone calls strike at the most untimely manner. With both of your hands loaded, it’s impossible to pick it up, until The Ripple officially released.

The Ripple - The World's Only Detachable Bowl and Plate

Wait, the what?! The Ripple; it’s a detachable bowl and plate combo that you can carry with one hand easily. There is no more need to hold crackers and dips separately and ignore your ringing phone. Designed by Kevin Scharfe and Karl Schwartz, these dishes are designed for those who have more works than their hands can do. By holding a bowl and a plate on one hand, they can enjoy more multitasking, changing the TV channel for example.

Apparently, The Ripple manufacturing is pretty costly, thus Scharfe and Schwartz launch a campaign at Kickstarter, wishing to raise at least $20,000 to get it ready for mass consumption. Below is their pitch video.

While it looks like it’s made of nice ceramic porcelain, it’s actually constructed out of plastic but fear nothing because the material is BPA-free and has been approved by FDA. Hence, you can slot it inside a microwave or dishwater without worrying it being ruined. Besides, porcelain will only make this thing heavy. For this nice couple of kitchenware, you need to sign a minimum pledge of $20. Bulk order gives you 4 sets of The Ripple for as low as $65. Head to Kickstarter to get your name listed.

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