The Siva Cycle Atom Lets You Charge Your Phone while Cycling

Thursday, April 25th 2013. | Mobile Phones

You might not know this but as you ride your bicycle, the rotation of the tires can cause kinetic energy to emerge. Very few inventors attempt to make use of this energy until Aaron Latzke and David Delcourt came up, offering a unique smartphone charger concept called The Siva Cycle Atom. Essentially, this device allows you to charge your smartphone using the electricity converted from the kinetic energy of your rotating tires.

The Siva Cycle Atom : charges USB devices with a pedal-powered battery pack

Coming with a removable 1300mAh battery, The Siva Cycle Atom can charge your iPhone from zero to 70 percent the same as fast as any USB charger, thanks mto the native 500mA charge rate. Latzke and Delcourt mention that you can directly hook up your handset to the charger but I’m not very sure about it as the vibration you make along the road might ruin your handset.

To make it available for masses, the developer is trying to raise fund at Kickstarter. Below is their pitch video.

From geek’s point of view, The Siva Cycle Atom works by converting the potential current into a more usable form of electricity using particular electric components. Such potential current is acquired by activating the integrated generator using a tiny gear mounted near your back wheel. So, there is an installation process you have to through after all.

Don’t let it scare you, though because Latzke says that as long as you can take off your back wheel, you can get it on place without too much problem. The minimum pledge you have to afford is $95 which is kind of pricey for me. Maybe they can offer the kit instead, so those who are interested can assemble it by themselves for cheaper cost. Any thoughts guys?

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