The Thing Pumpkins – The Superhero Is Now as Hard as Gourd

Wednesday, October 31st 2012. | Miscellaneous

What are you going to do if you are supplied with literally a bunch of crushed pumpkins? If your answer is dump them away, then you need to leard from our redditor fellow, Wizartig. He builds up a statue of The Thing, a proud member of Fantastic 4, out of these useless smashed pumpkins. Well, personally, we think it is far from looking like the real “Thing” but it gets the roughest figure. More importantly, neighboring kids love to play around this huge terrifying pumpkin statue.

The Thing Fantastic Four Pumpkin Statue

The Thing pumpkin measures about 6.4 feet high. It is lit up from the inside to make it even look more glorious. Even though we said earlier that it far from looking like the real Thing of Fantastic 4, the irregular arrangement of the smashed pumpkins does make it look like a real rock.

The Thing Pumpkin Statue

Now since we’ve already got the “Thing” here, we’re curious who will follow up with another Fantastic 4 superhero. Making Richard might not be possible due to the stretchy character of his. While constructing the Human Torch out of burning pumpkins might be quite harmful. As for Susan Storm, well, who can see Invisible Woman statue? So, we guess we just have to feel content with the Thing pumpkins.

During the last few hours we have stumbled upon many great Halloween stuff form the Baby Ripley Halloween costume up to the pointless yet cool pumpkin sound system. Everything is made to spark up the fun oh Halloween this year. What about you? Have you made anything creative for Halloween this year? Make sure you tell us if you have!

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