Thermodo Converts Your iPhone to a Slick Digital Thermometer

Monday, March 11th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Despite being more familiar with research labs, thermometer is loved by everyone. The success of the Thermodo crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter is a strong indicator for that. Who might have thought that such a tiny iPhone add-on can raise a fund of a whopping $35,000 only in the first seven hours?

Thermodo The Tiny Thermometer for Mobile Devices by Robocat

Anyway, if you haven’t known it, Thermodo is an add-on for both iPhone and Android smartphones which allows them to accurately measure the temperature of the surroundings. Normally, we rely on the info provided by local forecast or some third party apps. While they’re not really misleading, the accuracy of the values is questionable given that most measurements are done by weather stations that could be miles away from your current location.

Thermodo a tiny thermometer for your smartphone

Thermodo How To Work

Using Thermodo can’t be any simpler. All you need is plug it into the headphone jack of your iPhone and say something through the sensor. Such audio signal will then be attenuated so that the native microphones can track it. From there, the app will do the measurement. Check out the pitch video below!

Thermodo doesn’t have any accompanying app yet but Robocat, the developer, promises to make you one should the campaign hits a minimum fund of $125,000. Currently, it works with a couple of third party apps called Thermo (free, for Android) and Haze (paid, for iPhone). A pledge of $25 will get you a unit of this add-on though with a few more bucks you can get the one with anodized aluminum casing. Combine it with APOC, the mini radioactive detector, you’ll definitely impress your science teachers.

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