ThinkGeek’s Electronic Drum Machine Shirt : Better If Not Used By Female (Video)

Saturday, December 10th 2011. | Fashion & Styles

You’re planning to hold a party in a couple weeks and you bet to your friends that at the time of the party you are able to do beatboxing ? then with high confidence you also told them that it is not necessary to call a DJ because you can entertain them with beatboxing that you will do. But after that you realize that to learn beatboxing is not as easy and as fast as you imagined. Damn, what then? Relax…,you don’t need to worry, because now there is ThinkGeek’s new Electronic Drum Machine Shirt. What do you mean with shirt ? are you kidding?! Unfortunately, I’m not.

ThinkGeek Electronic Drum Machine shirtThe Electronic Drum Machine shirt is playable and wearable in sizes small through XXL and these shirts featuring 9 different drum kit (Rock Drums, Retro 808, Discotek, Techno Punk, Classic Jazz, Bass Invaderz, Chiptune, Zapf Dingbeats, Scratchy) with 7 professional grade drum sounds each, so the total is 63 sounds!. Wondering how to play it? Simply tap the drum pads on the front of the shirt to create a rhythm. Once your loop is created, layer additional beats on top to build up a complex rhythm. You can make loops up to 3 minutes long and you’ve got unlimited tracks to play with.

Electronic Drum Machine shirt
Deviated from the initial plan? Well, at least the party will still take place and you can still entertain your friends at the party even though you have not mastered beatboxing. But remember, do not lend these shirts to your girlfriend and by reminding you of this does not mean that I inspire you to do so ;) . So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste more time because a few more days the party will be come. You can directly order the Electronic Drum Machine shirts via the thinkgeek site for $ 29.99 and one more thing you need to remember, I saved your life :) .


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