This Transformers Costume Has Real Mechanical Hands and All

Monday, May 6th 2013. | Miscellaneous

A few months ago I covered a Transformers costume designed by a couple of young lads who presumably have a significant amount of free time. While it manages to scare a big rider and allows you to turn into a ridiculous moving vehicle, none of its parts resembles the proud of Autobot. In contrast, this Transformers costume won’t turn you into a jet plane but it has everything it needs to impress all robotics geeks.

The most realistic Transformers costume you will ever see

The designer is called Marc de Repentigny, a Canadian dude who apparently has great passion to becoming a member of Autobot. Over the years, he has spent a great amount of time stitching stuff to make such robotic suits but none of them is close to this one. Featuring real robotic parts, his latest Transformers Costume bears almost no difference from the fictional sentient robots. Check out how he showed it off to his family on the video below!

At the back, the suit is equipped with a set of functional exhaust propellers. On its hands, you can see some freaky robotic arm tendon gears that go round and round like crazy along with alien-like three fingers. On its face, a pair of circular LED eyes moves accordingly with the wearer’s eyes. If Optimus Prime was real, he’d definitely think that you’re a part of his colony, of course, that’s before he realized that your size resembles a human.

There is no telling whether Repentigny would offer it for a certain price but if you have a plan to wear it, make sure you have enough muscle to move in this suit. Though he does not specify how much it weighs, I can tell that this thing is heavy.

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