Thumbs Up Ear iPhone case : Make Your Normal Ear Become Giant Ear

Thursday, September 22nd 2011. | Mobile Phones

How many iphone 4 users in your town? if there are hundreds of iphone 4 users in your town, would not hurt if you buy this iphone case to to enhance the value and look of your phone. But the new case for the iPhone 4 is nothing like anything you have seen before. Its called Ear Case simply because it is shaped like an oversized ear or rather they call it a giant ear case.

Giant Ear Case From Thumbsup

Giant Ear Case From Thumbsup

This unique accessory for your precious iPhone 4 will definitely be worth getting if you love being in the center of attention always and make people laugh when they see you using it. This Ear iphone Case is made from durable silicone rubber, it’ll protect your handset from bumps and scratches too. You can buy this funny Ear Iphone Case for €12.95 or about $20, but unfortunately,with this Giant Ear, won’t make you hearing any better.

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