Time Twister : Digital Clock that build from LEGO

Tuesday, November 8th 2011. | Toys & Games

Remembered once when I was a school, there is my friend who came from Denmark bring a toy construction, called LEGO. When invited to play, I had absolutely not interested and until grow up too I don’t know what its cool with these Removable toy. But after seeing the Time Twister, I learned a LEGO (or whatever) can be anything depends on the creativity of people behind him.

Time Twister : LEGO Mindstroms Digital ClockTime Twister : Digital Clock that build from LEGO

as has been done by Hans Andersson for example, recently he has created a digital clock made from Lego Mindstorms which is named Time Twister. Check the video below to find out how the Time Twister in action :

Time Twister consists of two LEGO Mindstorms bricks communicating via Bluetooth. The master brick keeps track of the time and handles the minute digits. The slave brick handles the hour digits and the second indicator.

Each digit is made up of five layers with black and white tiles layed out in different patterns. Each layer can rotate 360 degrees before it hooks to the next layer. By twisting the top layer back and forth in a specific pattern, you can arrange the layers so that the desired digit is displayed.

After I visited his website, apparently Hans Andersson was not only created the Time Twister, in 2008 he created a robot named Titled Twister, which could solve the Rubik’s cube fully automatically and in 2009 he created a Sudoku Solver that can solve a sudoku puzzle all by itself. and the latest and hopefully not the last is the Time Twister.

If you are interested to build yourself a digital clock made from Lego, please contact Hans Andersson through his website, who knows more and more people who ask for building instructions, will be a consideration for him to make it available. Good Luck..

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