Tongue Cover Guards You from Any Bitter Exposure

Monday, March 4th 2013. | Miscellaneous

I had bad experience with medicine, especially those that appear as pills. They’re so bitter that it took years before I was able to swallow the first pill with a mere glass of water. Previously, I always ground my pills and mix them with sugar. Now if you have the same problem, you do not have to grind your pills like I did. There is this handy yet bizarre Tongue Cover to protect your clapper form the bitterness of any bloody pills.

Tongue Cover

Well, it’s not commercially available yet but if the creator’s campaign at Indiegogo manages to hit the roof, it won’t be long before it appears on your local drugstore shelves. And apparently, it’s going to be a little stiff because at the time of this writing, the campaign only collects $46 out of $70,000 of the expected goal. The latter sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But then again, you’ll never know what all these mad designers think. Check out the pitch video below!

Due to its appearance, you may confuse it with the “safety” for male. Seriously, if it’s not because of its smaller size, there is no way you can tell the difference. But anyway, Tongue Cover works by isolating the taste buds on your tongue, so practically it not only protects you from the bitterness of medicines but also sweetness of sugar. Again, similar to male safety, this is intended for a single use only. According to its promotional page at Indiegogo, you can get 30 units of this tongue safety for $25. Though it sounds pricey, at least it’s more functional than Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser.

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