Tongue2Teeth Wants You to Use Your Tongue to Clean Your Teeth

Saturday, March 30th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Toothbrush, similar to other basic appliances and tools, is hard to modify. Sure, there is the electric toothbrush but compared to its conventional counterpart, it’s not really different. You still have to hold it to function. If there is one thing on this earth which aims to set a new standard above the toothbrush we know all this time, then it is Tongue2Teeth.


Basically, you only need to mount this bizarre tongue cover on the tip of your tongue and start rolling it around inside your mouth to clean your teeth from any leftover. The brush is built onto it so it’s not nearly as smooth as Tongue Cover meant to shield your tongue from the bitterness of medicine.

Tongue2Teeth : Clean Your Teeth With Your Tongue

According to the maker, Tongue2Teeth’s most potential prospect is those people who are too busy to spend two minutes for their personal hygiene. Or those people who constantly wake up late that they have to brush their teeth on the go. Or even those people who are not confident after having a handful of spicy tacos or other quick lunch menus.

Like other commercial mouthpiece, Tongue2Teeth is designed for single use only. You wouldn’t think there is anyone who is gross enough to use it more than once, would you? Also, even though it’s obvious that tongue sizes vary depending on the person, the maker doesn’t seem to explain any method to address it. If you’re so curious about it or want to be the first to be notified once it’s available for purchase, sign up on the maker’s website.

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