Top 10 Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 You’re Insane for Not Having

Thursday, June 27th 2013. | Miscellaneous

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to round up some cool tech gadgets 2013, given that it’s mid-year already. Note that the list I and my editor have made in this post is solely based on our preferences. Nothing is too scientific and detailed in the process but as people who have paid attention to the technology trend for years, we’re pretty confident with our expertise. Nevertheless, should you have any cool suggestions, we’re completely open for that. Without further ado, let’s get to the rundown.

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 for Entertainment

1. Nvidia Project Shield

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : Nvidia Project ShieldArmed with the mighty Tegra 4 chip, Nvidia Project Shield is billed as the next-gen gaming platform for mobile users. Although many people think it’s overpriced, the Android-powered device still manages to draw a good deal of attention, thanks to its powerful specification. Should you have enough of any Android games stored on its rather small memory, you can simply hook it up with your desktop via Wi-Fi and turn it into a third party controller.

Released just recently, you can get the Shield for $299. Indeed, the price seems pretty much like a bummer but you can expect to play a bunch of games of which your pals will be very envious. Just so you know,Nvidia has been working with top Android game developers to release a landslide of titles made exclusively for Shield, making it worth being listed as one of cool tech gadgets 2013.

2. Google Glass

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : Google GlassSimilar to Project Shield by chip monster Nvidia, Google Glass is another device that many people think boasts too high a price tag. For $1,500, it seems like Google unofficially announced, “We make Glass for enterprise community only. Low-life geeks have no right to get their hands on our respective device.” For that reason, the device has received so many competitions even far before its official launch.

Still, none of the competitors stand a chance against the Google’s first augmented display. They are either too bulky or too awkward to use. Google Glass, on the otherhand, adopts an ergonomic and stylish design that won’t make your eyes sore. Sporting a wide range of sensors and connectivity, you can navigate between UIs completely hand-free. If it wasn’t awesome, we wouldn’t bill it as one of cool tech gadgets 2013.

3. GameStick

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : GameStickAndroid operation system probably has not jumped into the pure gaming console bandwagon but it’s definitely heading to that way. After the success of OUYA, many developers start dipping their toes on their own Android console project and GameStick is perhaps the most interesting of all; neat enough for us to label it as one of cool tech gadgets 2013.

Not only it’s the smallest (slightly larger than a USB stick), but it’s arguably the cheapest as well. All you need is an HDTV with an HDMI port to start enjoy Android gaming console experience. Integration with third party services isn’t as impressive as OUYA but even with its basic specification, you should still be able to get cracking and have some fun.

4. JD Sound Portable DJ System

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : JD Sound Portable DJ SystemNot all of you guys are DJs, I know but if all DJ systems in the world are as small and straightforward like PDJ by Korea-based JD sound, you don’t need Markus Schulz’ talent to be one. Simply take it out of your pocket and get your thumbs move like crazy on the touchscreen of 10-inch portable DJ system.

It hasn’t released yet in the U.S. but it wouldn’t be long before its availability is officially announced with starting price likely set at $600. Now envision a future where a deep-rooted geek like you can step on a dance floor and receive so much exciting applause from the crowds when attending a summer party on your friend’s house. Still can’t accept it as one of cool tech gadgets 2013?Sound off at the comment section.

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 for House

5. Transparent TV

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : Philips DesignLine HDTVI thought Philips DesignLine HDTV 2013 is the furthest point where men can unleash their vision of full transparent TV but I was wrong. A Chinese manufacturer called HiSense stepped in earlier this year at CES 2013 to show off its masterpiece, a full transparent 3D HDTV.

Indeed, it’s not as large as Toshiba’s and Sony’s Ultra HDTV but at the moment, only HiSense can make a cutting edge see-through LCD TV, making it officially worth a spot on this list of cool tech gadgets 2013. Unfortunately, unless you own a corporate or a quite big business, you won’t be able to purchase it. As explained by the company, this thing isn’t aimed for personal use.

6. Sonte Film

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : Sonte FilmScientists have initiated the first necessary steps to create a “smart” glass that can react to different light intensity and adjust its opacity on its own, allowing us to invest in blinds and other windows treatment. If there is a loophole in it, it must be the fact that it’s still a mere concept. Thankfully, we’ve got a pretty decent alternative called Sonte Film.

Basically, it’s the thing you need to make any glass be a “smart” one. However, instead of adjusting its opacity based on natural feedback, you have to control it via a smartphone app. The app is linked to a Wi-Fi-enabled transformer which then signals the conductor to unleash a mild stream of electricity to the glass and eventually changes the glass opacity. How do you say it being among cool tech gadgets 2013 for house?

7. Glowing Plants

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : Glowing PlantHow do you like the idea of enjoying light without paying any electricity bill at the end of the month? It sure is exciting and guys behind Glowing Plants are working their best to make that dream come true. Through their experimentation involving Arabidopsis thaliana and genetically-manipulated bacteria dubbed as Luciferin (Lucifer actually means light-bringer), the team successfully breeds plants that can glow.

Its successful campaign at Kickstarter has given the team enough fund to produce the first-gen seeds of Glowing Plants. In this version, forget about it replacing your light bulb because the glow can only be visible in low-light environment. However, current development is definitely heading to that point. I guess that’s enough a reason to include it in our list of cool tech gadgets 2013.

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 for Traveling

8. SpareOne Mobile Phone

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : SpareOne Mobile PhoneThe last thing you want to experience when traveling is being trapped in an emergency situation and unable to reach any help because your cellphone dies. For that reason, this SpareOne Mobile Phone is created. Using only a single AA battery, you can use the handset everywhere in this world. Simply grab a local SIM card and you’re good to go. You don’t need a genius to tell that it’s one of cool tech gadgets 2013.

9. PowerBag Business Class Pack

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : PowerBag Business Class PackGone are the days when you have to leave all of your mobile gadgets as you’re about to have a long trip to the other side of the earth. Today, you can find various third party chargers that you can use without the need of wall outlet, allowing you to stay on the move.

PowerBag Business Class Pack is probably the slickest of all, featuring a built-in battery system. The power it comes with is said to fully charge common smartphones for up to four times. Even better, the bag is rigged with dedicated laptop and tablet container, so you don’t need to blend them all with dirty undies.


10. TrakDot Luggage Tracker

Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : TrakDot Luggage TrackerThe fear that haunts almost all long-distance travelers is lost luggage. Seriously, what would you feel when you finally arrive on your destination and think of a wonderful vacation but then you can’t find your luggage anywhere. TrakDot Luggage Tracker – as one of cool tech gadgets 2013 – solves this flawlessly.

Simply connect the monitor with your handset via an app and toss it into your luggage. The built-in chip allows you to track your luggage’s whereabouts in real time. If you’re a type of person who doesn’t want to bother with that, relax. Its GSM connectivity enables the device to send a text message to your handset, pinpointing your luggage’s current location.

So, how do you think of that as a nice list of cool tech gadgets 2013?

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