TopBrewer Is World’s Simplest and iPhone-Controlled Barista Machine

Saturday, March 9th 2013. | Food & Beverage

Gone are the days when you have to through all the fuss to serve a mere cup of coffee. There are a lot of different coffee maker machines that can deliver you a top quality coffee with just a few touches of buttons. They, however, are rather bulky and can be quite noisy if you opt for the mid-range level machines. If you want something more minimalist, TopBrewer is the right thing for you. It’s so minimalist it can fit the tightest corner of your kitchen.

TopBrewer Coffee faucet by Scanomat

TopBrewer Coffee faucet by Scanomat with iPhone control

Hiding most of the machines under a kitchen counter, TopBrewer appears like a water tap on common sink. The difference is it makes coffee of different kinds. There are still a lot to admire from this winner of an IF Award 2013, aside from its minimalism. For example, the standby mode literally consumes zero watt, so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill at the end of the month. Best of all, the time it needs to shift from standby to ready is only 45 seconds, making it at the same level as, if not higher than, the most luxurious barista machine.

TopBrewer Coffee faucet by Scanomat – with iPhone control

Controls are delivered via the integrated touch panel or your iDevices. The accompanying iOS app allows you to choose different kinds of drinks, hot or colds, all with the pre-defined settings. If you don’t like the settings made by Scanomat, however, you can configure your own. This includes the amount of milk foam, coffee, and a lot more. Cleaning is run automatically each time it makes coffee. Unfortunately, the certification process hasn’t finished, meaning you can’t fetch it in USA yet. You can however, join in Scanomat mailing list to be the first to know when TopBrewer finially hits the street.

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