Toshiba TabletMan Comes to Grant Your Wish (Video)

Thursday, November 29th 2012. | Miscellaneous

No! It’s not like Toshiba is attempting to make a life-size robot which comprises of piles of expensive tablets. Toshiba TabletMan is only a man wearing suit that comprises of no less than 11 Tochiba’s new tablets. You may think this man is mad but he does it as a promotional step to draw some good chunks of attention from the world. And looking at the progress now, we think it’s quite successful.

Toshiba TabletMan

Even though many manufacturing companies quite often launch brand new devices, it still seems to us that majority of people don’t want to switch to these Android tablets. They are more attached to the overwhelmingly popular Apple iPads. Obviously, the cause is not from the specifications as most Android tablets today feature specs which clearly outperform those of Apple iPads. So, maybe there is something wrong with the marketing of these devices and Toshiba has come first to fix it.

Showing up for the first time at SITEX tech conference in Singapore, Toshiba TabletMan was having a quick tour on to some major cities in that country. Wearing black rubber suit illuminated using electro luminescent lights, the TabletMan walk into the dark of the night to steal the local’s attention.

He came approaching several people randomly and asked them to tell their wishes regarding what they wanted to be on-board on the upcoming tablet. Their wishes were recorded and it’s automatically published on its respective Facebook page. Toshiba TabletMan is reported to go on his tour on several Asian countries. So, if you happen to be on a vacation there and for great fortune you run into this table freak, make sure you tell him you wish to have one of his tablet.

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