Touchy Is a Human Camera Which Snaps Photos with Your Touch

Monday, December 31st 2012. | Camera & Accessories

Most technologies today aim to get us closer to a world where all can be automated and where we don’t need to physically and socially interact with others to get the job done. This is good to some extent but when people have depended on it too much, they tend to devalue human relationship. This has inspired a Japanese designer, Eric Siu, to design a wearable camera called Touchy.


On a glance, Touchy camera looks just like a helmet. It doesn’t have any trigger or distinctive button by which you can snap photos like in common shooters. Instead, it will only capture images if the wearer is touched by another person. Weird, isn’t it? But what Siu expects is totally noble. He wants us, who depend so much to technology, to get back to our real identity, a social creature. He wants us to again interact with each other to accomplish things.

Mind you, there is even a growing sub-culture in Japan called Hikikomori where teenagers literally exclude themselves from the society. This is what makes Siu concerned and decided to make the Touchy. He didn’t spend much on it as most of the parts were from unused stuff on his garage. When not used, the Touchy will blind the wearer as the twin shutters are closed. They can only open when the camera start snapping photos, which requires a touch at least 10 seconds from another person. Check out the video clip below!

Originally, Siu designed it just for fun. However, he could see a growing interest as he toured, showcasing Touchy in all over Japan, China, and other Asian countries. He promises that if the demand turns out high, he’ll consider making it commercially available for others. Will you get yourself one?

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