Toyota i-ROAD Redefines E-Car

Thursday, March 7th 2013. | Transportation

Japanese-based automobile manufacturer, Toyota, isn’t a new player in the growing industry of electric cars. The company has been well known among environmentally aware customers, thanks to the success of Prius family. However, it doesn’t seem to satisfy the company yet. Recently, Toyota unveils its brand new e-car called i-ROAD. The design is so distinctive that the Toyota itself refuses to consider it an e-car. They call it Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV).

Toyota i-Road EV concept

Unlike common cars, Toyota i-ROAD only has three wheels. Furthermore, if you think Toyota Prius is small already, you’ll be left speechless as you cast a glance on this teeny tiny three-wheeler. The company manages to cut off its overall dimension by putting the passenger seat at the back of the driver’s, instead of on its side. Also similar to motorcycle, it bends on one side when passing through a turn. Seriously, if there is something that makes it different from a motorcycle, it’s only its closed enclosure. Check out the video below!

Anyway, thanks to the Active Lean Technology, Toyota i-ROAD can tilt on itself, thus, the drivers can rest assure as they don’t need to intervene. Right now, this revolutionary PMV is being showcased at Geneva Motor Show, so if you happen to be stranded in Swiss, it’s the right time to witness it firsthand.

Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Vehicle

Toyota i-Road EV

While Toyota doesn’t detail the specification, it does state that each of the wheels is powered by a two-kilowatt motor. It will not give you speed that’s thrilling but it should be good to get you to your work without any fuss. Additionally, the lithium ion battery is claimed to last up to 30 miles. No pricing and availability info is enclosed.

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