Tractive Keep Tabs on Your Pets’ Whereabouts

Monday, January 14th 2013. | Pets

Few pet owners let their pooches or kitties wander around by themselves but if you’re one of these few, you probably ever have a concern about them getting into trouble or completely lost. In order to ease your worry, an Austria-based company develops a device called Tractive which is capable of keeping tabs on your furry best friends.

Tractive demos GPS pet tracker for dogs, cats, farm animals

Unlike Fujitsu Wandant Dog Pedometer, Tractive can’t monitor the medical condition of your pooches. However, it excels considerably at tracking the whereabouts of your pets, thanks to the integrated GPS. Currently, the device in question is being held for presentation at CES. In case you wonder how and what exactly this thing can do, check out the animated video below!

Actually, Tractive is not the first device offering easy location tracking for pet owners. For years, this low competition market has been dominated by Tagg, a pet tracking device manufactured by Qualcomm. The reason for its superiority is not because it’s great stuff per se. In fact, there are a few considerable flaws plaguing it. Not only is it far too large for medium and small pets but also it can’t track the route your pets have been through.

Tractive pet tracker

Tractive on the other hand, incorporates advanced GPS. So, instead of telling you the current location of your pets every ten minutes, it can track where they have been going in real time. On top of that, the app allows you to determine the safe zone. As soon as your pets step out of this zone, your smartphone will alert you. Tractive sports a built-in SIM card, so there is a monthly subscription fee (about $6.5) you have to pay for using the cellular network. Expect it to be available stateside in February!

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