TrakDot Locates Lost Luggage, Gives You Peace of Mind

Thursday, January 10th 2013. | Gadgets

What you expect when you’re out for a trip is an enjoyable vacation where you can really detach yourself from stressful office works; not a lost luggage which takes forever to find and eventually irritates you. Sadly, the latter seems to be more prevalent these days as opposed to the former. And it has inspired GobaTrac to develop TrakDot. Basically, it’s a handy device capable of tracking your luggage when it gets lost at the airport.

Trakdot by GlobaTrac

Making use of the company’s own GSM spectrum, TrakDot is bound to send a short message to the users, telling them where its current location is. That said, all you have to do to benefit from this fresh-from-the-open gizmo is fit it into your luggage before you have it checked. Don’t worry; it won’t trigger the alarm to sound off and this thing is small, so you won’t be too much troubled. If necessary, you can set TrakDot to send SMS to up to 20 different devices. Now that is too many!

It comes with an app for both Android and iOS devices which can tell the location of your suitcase more precisely. According to GlobaTrac, TrakDot has gained an approval from FAA, thanks to its ability to automatically turn into sleep mode after reaching a particular altitude. Running on two AA batteries, the company fails to detail how long it can keep the device up. Shipment will begin on March and it’ll sell for $50. By the way, you’ve to pay an extra of $9 for activation and $13 every month for the service bill. Is anyone up for this?

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