Transporter Is a Device That Will Outperform Cloud Storage

Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | Computer & Accessories

Cloud storage is getting a lot more popular today than when it was firstly introduced. The need for quick online file sharing and backup has opened our eyes that cloud is extremely helpful. Still, if there are a couple of things we loathe about it, then it’s the fact that it has limitations in the form of terms of use, it’s expensive, and it’s not actually private so there is always the risk of someone hacking into your cloud and messing up with stuff. The developer of Transporter is looking to get rid of these disadvantages for good.

transporter : free cloud storage

For starter, Transporter is a device, not a service, so you can literally be free of the choking monthly fee your cloud provider charges you currently. It does not store your files online, it simply transmit them to other users of Transporter. The concept is as simple as sending a file when you’re on a chat with Skype. You send it and ask your partner on the other end to accept it. Watch the official Kickstarter video below!

Next up, Transporter is your own device and can be used to create your own network. There are no terms of use and whatsoever that you have to comply with if you don’t want to be kicked out of the network. Simply put, you decide what to share and to whom you share it; no more restriction and no more deletion.

transporter : cloud storage

Last but not least, it’s way safer than cloud network. Note that when you use Transporter, none of your files are stored online. Also all files transmissions are encrypted. That makes it impossible for pesky hackers to get their hands on it. These are just the outline of what the device will allow you to do. If you watch the video above, you know there are lots more to enjoy with it. The developer is looking to reach $100,000 funding goal and at the time of writing this article, it seems they’re already on its half.

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