Travel Mobile Hot Repressor Allows You to Iron Your Suit on the Go

Tuesday, May 21st 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Among us live some people who are extremely busy that they don’t have enough time to tend to their appearance. Bad for them, their occupations mostly – if not always – require them to look neat. Noticeable wrinkles are a big shame that can cancel a business deal. If you’re one of these people, you might be interested to check this Travel Mobile Hot Repressor.

Travel Mobile Hot Repressor Portable Iron

Basically, it’s the mobile version of common smoothing irons that lets you take on some unsightly wrinkles on the go. Since it’s not bigger than adults’ hand palm, you can easily tuck it away inside your shirt pocket. You’ll need three AA batteries to power up this Travel Mobile Hot Repressor but in case you don’t have ones, you can charge it using the included USB cable.

Travel Mobile Hot Repressor

Featuring two heating elements embedded on the internal surfaces of the clip, all you need to do is inserting a part of your cloth into the clip and start ironing. The same applies to trousers, collar, tie, or any outfit you wear that has wrinkles. In case you find it a little difficult to do that, you can use the lid as an additional clip. The device takes about one to three minutes to get to the desired temperature.

Travel Mobile Hot Repressor Portable Palm-sized Iron

Travel Mobile Hot Repressor is a product of a Chinese company but you can purchase it on a Japan-based online retailer called eSupply. For as little as 980 yen (less than $10), you can grab this thing and won’t have to suffer any unprofessional look anymore.

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