TronicalTune Adjusts Your Guitar String Automatically

Monday, April 22nd 2013. | Miscellaneous

The best recipe to be a god-like guitarist like Jimmy Hendrix is by spending more time for practice and less time for tuning your guitar but as usual, it’s easier said than done. Thankfully, quite a while ago Gibson came up with a nice solution called the Min-ETune. Basically, it’s a robotic add-on that sticks right behind your guitar’s headstock and allows you to tune the strings with a push of a button. There is a catch, though, which is that you have to buy a new guitar to enjoy a sleek service from our little droid buddy.


Knowing that there are many parties let down by such shortcoming, Chris Adams of Tronical decided to do something about it. And just recently, he unveils the TronicalTune, a DIY-version of Gibson’s Min-ETune. Not only does it enable you to install the robotic string tuner to an old guitar of yours but it’s also compatible with guitars other than Gibson (Charvel, Yamaha, and Fender). Even better, the option is now not limited to electric guitars but also acoustic ones. Adams and his team just released a promotional video for his product and you can watch it below.

There doesn’t seem to be any difference between TronicalTune and Gibson’s Min-ETune. It still comes with 12 preset settings to get you tuned in a snap. Since it works by monitoring how tight and loose the string is, any background noise will not affect its function at all. In addition, Adams claims that a single charge should be enough to perform 300 tunings. The official retail price is $349 but for a limited period, you can have it for $299 via Tronical’s website.

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