Trotify Makes Your Bicycle Sound Like a Steed

Tuesday, December 4th 2012. | Toys & Games, Transportation

Do you have any idea about what a bunch of creative (mad) designers can do when they don’t have any business to run and right in front of them is a coconut shell? They’ll make Trotify! Congratulations, you’ve just earned a point but what on earth the Trotify stuff is?

trotify horse noises for bike

Well, it looks like a wooden handicraft you ordinarily put on your work desk or wall as a decorative ornament. But more than that, Designers grouped under the name of Original Content London intends it to be a fun toy you mount in front of your bicycle to make the sound of a steed marching toward a glorious battlefield.

Obviously, Trotify does not give you anything but fun (and embarrassment) as you go riding your bicycle to the city park. You’ll attract quite some attentions, though sadly, we believe most of them will come from kids who are jealous for you have weirder toy. Check out the demo video below!

The toy is shipped in flat package, so the assembly is all but your responsibility. But that’s cool because it should be provided with detailed assembling instructions. Besides, you know what would happen if such fragile wooden toy is shipped in fully-assembled form, don’t you?

At the moment, Trotify is available for preorder. The designers need tons of them to reach the initial funding goal to mass produce this toy. You can have your share for $32 which is $8 lower that the first preorder price tag. So far, there has been about 113 preorders made, so we’re a bit skeptical about it managing to get onto mass production. what say you?

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