Trygger Camera Clip : Turns Your iPhone 5 into a DSLR

Monday, December 31st 2012. | Mobile Phones

Here is another thing you may want to take a look if you are so passionate about iphoneography. Dubbed as Trygger Camera Clip, this tiny accessory is claimed to filter the incoming light, turning over your iPhone 5’s native camera into a DSLR. Well, maybe it’s not that much but if it is more brilliant images you want, this thing might help.

iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip

A few days ago, Trygger Camera Clip was officially featured on Kickstarter and apparently the developer team is looking to reach a funding goal of $10,000. The team plans to make it in two versions: the black and white one. Expected retail price is nearly $40 but you can pre order it for the price of $30. Well, actually, a pledge of $1 is enough to get you a unit of this sleek clip. But it’s only available for 100 backers and you can bet it sold out like a hot cake. Check out the video below!

At its core, Trygger Camera Clip is actually pretty simple. It only utilizes a polarizing filter to layer your iPhone’s camera. Still, we appreciate that it has an adjuster useful to control how much light you want. The filter itself is protected by a scratch resistant glass. It helps you get pictures with much richer colors while also removing ugly reflection, in case you take a shot near any reflective glasses.

Trygger Camera Clip

There are a couple of things you should note, though. First, it the clip will cover your LED flash, so forget about using it in a dark. Second, the clip won’t fit your iPhone if you have already used a case. Other than that, Trygger Camera Clip looks quite promising. If it is lots of lens attachments that you want, go for PentaEye or Orbit by Izzi.

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