UFO-Inspired Strollon Stroller Is Designed for Baby Aliens

Thursday, May 9th 2013. | Transportation

What do you think about baby’s strollers? Uncool? Childish? While their common designs serve a nice function, their appearance is far from being aesthetically pleasing, at least for the kids. But seriously, if toddlers can talk like we do, they might tell their mother “Mommy, I don’t want this stroller. It’s for baby. I want one that’s for cool kid like me.” I know it’s a bad joke but that bad joke apparently becomes a reason for Amir Labidi to design this concept stroller called Strollon.

Strollon stroller

Appearing like a space shuttle, Strollon stroller sports many things that just don’t exist in common strollers. These are like windshield, lateral windows and doors. More importantly, the exterior reminds me to a personal space explorer that travels at the speed of light. True, they don’t really add some more functionality but for kids, functions come the last.

Strollon : Concept Stroller by Amir Labidi

Once it makes it into production, I’m sure many fancy celebrities who have babies will take at least one unit of this stroller. They might tell Labidi to make the door automatic and will probably have him to install handheld LCD and touchscreen in the interior. That way, their babies can join the fun beating their parents’ high scoresin Angry Birds.

Puns aside, I do have a little concern with this thing, especially with its ergonomics. The wheel base seems a little too large. If parents are going to take it into their car, it’s going to occupy the whole space in the back seat. Other than that, it’s really a cool design.

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