Ultra High Capacity Battery Provides You with Huge Power on the Go

Friday, February 15th 2013. | Mobile Phones

While innovative chargers capable of generating electricity from completely different sources of energy are all fine, they’re not very helpful when you simply have no access to these sources. Not to say that they’re not very practical – who wants to make a piping hot coffee to charge an iPhone like Epiphany one Puck wants you to do? If you agree with me, then you’re going to like external electricity providers like this Ultra High Capacity Battery.

Ultra High Capacity Battery

This product has just set ashore at Kickstarter and it comes in three different flavors: Adventurer, Expedition, and Destination. The first is the one with smallest capacity. Measuring in at 2.55 x 3.99 inches, the Adventurer stocks you up with 6,600mAh electricity. The Expedition is slightly larger than the previous but it doubles up the capacity to 11,200mAh. Lastly, we’ve got the Destination. Although it’s the biggest model, its capacity is more inferior to the Expedition. Strange, huh? The pitch video below might convince you better.

Unlike the Adventurer, the other two models are equipped with two USB ports, allowing you to hook up two devices at the same time. However, the Adventurer has the advantage of smaller footprint, making it more convenient to carry around. All models are shipped with multiple USB cables to address various devices. For the Adventurer, Anthony Vilgiate (the creator) only charges you with $30. If you aim for either the Expedition or Destination, they cost $50 and $65 respectively. Now you don’t need to rely on sun or hot coffee to charge your iPhone, should wall outlet is simply no apparent.

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