Under The Sea Floatation Device Sports a Built-in Periscope

Thursday, May 30th 2013. | Toys & Games

It’s not your children’s fault if they don’t want to swim in an open ocean due to fear of sinking. But it’s definitely your fault if you let that fear stay with your kids and do nothing to help them deal with it. That’s the same with taking away the exotism of this world from them. If you have no idea how to persuade your kids to plunge themselves to the warm and salty water, you might want to check out this Under The Sea floatation device.

Under The Sea Flotation Device

Designed by Jihye Kim, Eunoh Lee, Bokyung Kim and Eunjin Yi, Under The Sea sports a built-in periscope that allows children to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the underwater lives. It is expected that by offering an access (though only limited to visual) to a beautiful environment that they never saw before, children can develop curiosity that can help overcome their fear for drowning. If you’ve been a kid before, you’ll know how wonderful it is to explore something you never knew. Check the video below!

At the moment, Under The Sea floatation device is only a concept and there is nothing like exact timetable for its manufacturing and official release. Let’s just hope Kim and friends manage to ensure a manufacturing company to produce it in mass quantity. Besides, similar concept can also be applied to a bigger device designated for adults and senior citizen who can’t enjoy snorkeling due to medical reasons. It’s going to be quite a novelty and the team will rake in quite a good deal of cash for sure.

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