UpperCup iPhone Case Holds Your Starbucks Cup While You’re Busy Texting

Thursday, January 31st 2013. | Miscellaneous

Isn’t it amazing how we have become too obsessed with our smartphone that we’ve always attempted to incorporate it in too many aspects of our life? The strangest one would be a smartphone-enabled toilet we saw in Japan. But that’s not all. Far from Netherlands, a design firm called Natwerk has come up with absurdly weird iPhone case that doubles up as a cup holder. The idea is that it will allow users to keep using their smartphone even when they’ve got to hold a cup of their favorite latte.


Dubbed as UpperCup, this thing has been lurking at Indiegogo for a while now, looking to raise some funds to initiate a production. The planned retail price is $35 but you’ll be given the privilege of having to shell out $25 only if you’re willing to preorder it. Keep in mind, though, that if it fails to reach the funding goal of $25,000 within 31 more days, your pledge will not be refunded and there is no guarantee that Natwerk will make one for you. Check out the dev’s pitch below!

Sure, there are always times when we’ve got too many things to handle with our only two hands. Heck, you probably have even experienced it yourself how irritating it is to spill your coffee on your clothing while trying to get something done with your handset. But seriously, that’s only a twist of life which is so normal in our opinion.

UpperCup by Natwerk

Update: Apparently, UpperCup is just a joke. The official of Natwerk has confirmed it to our friend at NetworkWorld that this is created only as a medium to laugh at between their busy schedule. Have you pledged for it? Then shame on you. You should have agreed with us that this thing was a joke!

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