UpRight Sleeper Gives You Refreshing Sleep while Sitting

Friday, November 16th 2012. | Fashion & Styles, Medical

If you’re tired of having to deal with stiff necks after taking a nap during your flight, perhaps UpRight Sleeper is the thing for you. This is a good alternative if you have recently found that inflatable pillows are less appealing. In a glance, the stuff looks just like a neck brace but with more comfy padding and as far as we concern, it functions just the same as neck brace as well.

upright sleeper

UpRight Sleeper is worn under your chin but if you like something different, it’s also able to be placed around your forehead. The cushioned neck brace comes with a back strap which must be worn as well to make sure it will not slip once your plane takes off or your bus brakes suddenly. Once you get everything set up, close your eyes and start your trip to the never land. You’ll get a refreshing sleep without stiff neck anymore.

Still, that is only if you don’t mind looking ridiculous among other passengers. Who knows, someone might pick his smartphone out of his pocket and snap a shot of you sleeping in funny looking expression with UpRight Sleeper. Before you know it, you’ll be famous in the social network. Look at the press image to understand what we just talked about.

There are 2 versions offered for those who are interested: the basic one and the one with satin cover. The latter might only be intended for women, though no one will likely stop you from buying it even if when you’re a masculine man. Price starts at $39.99, any takers?

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