USB Micro Light Charging Cable Helps You Locate That Tiny Micro USB Port in the Dark

Saturday, February 2nd 2013. | Mobile Phones

Here’s another situation that is not much of a big deal but can be quite annoying if happens constantly. Your room has been turned to dark before you plug your device into a wall socket for a recharge. Finding the micro-USB port on your device in the dark isn’t an easy thing to do unless you have the eyesight of a superman. Sure, you can just turn on the lamp and fix everything up but it’s too much of a chore after a busy day at work. This is what Dustin Orndorff wants to solve with his USB Micro Light charging cable.

USB Micro Light charging cable by Dustin Orndorff

On a glance, Orndorff’s USB Micro Light charging cable doesn’t look any different from other micro-USB cable extension. On one end is a full sized USB connector that you should link to your charger and on the other is the micro-USB connector which hooks up your device. On this micro-USB connector, however, there is a built-in white LED with a switch to turn it on. The idea is when users are in the dark room and too lazy to turn on the lamp, they can simply push the switch to get an extra illumination.

Orndorff’s USB Micro Light charging cable has hit Kickstarter and if you’re still unsure what is it about, tap on the video below!

Orndorff offers three different versions of his USB Micro Light charging cable: the three feet model ($14), the six feet model ($16), and the curly six feet model ($18). If for any reason you want to collect them all, you can do that with a pledge of $35. Shipment is planned to start in March, of course, if the funding goal can be accomplished.

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