USB Toast Hand Warmers – Now Winter Shouldn’t Affect Your Productivity

Saturday, November 24th 2012. | Computer & Accessories

Winter is coming pretty fast and before you know it, your productivity dealing with office works might drop significantly. You know how hard it is to type and work on some documents when the chilling air of winter thrust into your bone and make your hands shaky. Several creative third party companies see this as a underdeveloped market, so they decide to run their business on it. We have seen the Futon mouse pad previously and if it’s not enough, we’ve found USB Toast Handwarmers.

USB Toast Handwarmers

They basically look just like typical hand warmers, only they connect to your computing device, instead of a power plug. Featuring a unique design, you do not need to get embarrassed when wearing in in public. In fact, it looks quite fun and tasty with warmfoamy bread look.

ThinkGeek USB Toast Handwarmers

In order to use it, you have to, of course, connect it to your laptop or PC via the USB port. Once done, you can set your preferable temperature. According to the info we acquired, there are only two options for this. You set it on either high or low setting. After that simply slip your fingers in to the dedicated holes and strap it nicely on your hand. So, yeah, it’s a no brainer actually.

If you’d like to fetch one pair of these hand warmers, you need to cash out $31.99. Note that while the design looks somehow fun and childish, it is highly not recommended for kids under 6 to wear them. Now allow us to fade before we sound like a marketing agent of these USB Toast Handwarmers.

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