USB Typewriter : Combination of Outdated but Elegant with Something Modern

Monday, November 7th 2011. | Computer & Accessories

If you are required to choose between something that is outdated but elegant with something more modern and can simplify your job, which one would you choose? the first or the second? how about a combination of both? A man named Jack Zylkin has managed to combine a typewriter that outdated but elegant with a computer or ipad, a more modern and can simplify your work, and the combination of those two things are named USB typewriter.


USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard -- Royal c. 1940USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard -- Royal Safari c. 1960

With USB Typewriter, you can type with ordinary typewriter instead of a keyboard and your typing will appear on the monitor and you can save in a file or softcopy. but if you want results you typed in the form of hardcopy, USB Typewriter can also do it. check the video below for more details :

Cool isn’t it? if you are interested, USB Typewriter sold for $ 600 to $ 750. but if you want cheaper prices and have free time to build it yourself, you can buy a USB Typewriter DIY kit at a price of $74

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