UTEC Potable Water Generator Is Actually a Billboard

Thursday, February 28th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Not everyone in this world live with many conveniences as we do here. There are some people out there who have to risk their lives each time they consume water, Lima citizens, for example. Situated in Peru, Lima is the second largest capital in this world that is surrounded by a barren desert. The locals have to depend on their wells to get water to drink and as deathly as the desert, this water may contain hazardous pollutants.

UTEC potable water generator by Mayo DraftFCB

Thanks, to Mayo DraftFCB, the native now has another source of water. The said ad agency has created a colossal billboard – designated for University of Engineering and Technology in Peru – that features a set of generators. These generators are claimed to be able to extract water from the air and contain it on an integrated large reservoir. Locals can access the water conveniently from the tap installed on its base. Check out the video below!


UTEC potable water generator by Mayo DraftFCB how it works

Rain doesn’t come so often in this region but the humidity can be extremely high. At 98%, it’s a good indicator that there is plenty of water that can be harvested from the air. On top of that, it’s free from any harmful pollutants. It’s not every day you can find an ad agency that is smart and creative enough to think of stuff like this. By making such billboard, Mayo DraftFCB not only helps the locals but also best represents what the said university can do: creating youngsters who are geeky enough to invent useful stuff.

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