V-Chip Performs Thorough Blood Test in a Second

Saturday, December 29th 2012. | Medical

There is lots of information that can be extracted from your blood but to do this several tedious and time consuming steps are to be taken. Normally, your blood sample is taken to a more advanced lab and you have to wait in uncertainty. There, the officials will run a number of necessary tests so that the intended information can be drawn out.

V-chip (volumetric bar-chart chip)

However, now that V-Chip (Volumetric Bar-Chart Chip) is official, you may now forget all of those processes. For starter, you’ll appreciate the fact that V-Chip can run up to 50 different blood tests within a relatively short period. Be it oxygen saturation, level of insulin, or anything your blood can tell, you can find it out via this card. Most importantly, a piece of this thing only costs $10; no more waiting and no extra bill.

It has a tiny zigzag channel from which your blood sample is taken in. There are 50 different diminutive wells above the said channel, each of which contains different testing agent and is responsible for particular information. Once a portion of your blood sample runs on one of these wells, it will react with a testing agent and the result of the test can be read almost immediately. Check out the demo video below!

Due to its simplicity, it can’t really replace laboratory test. An unexpected variable might come into play and make the measurement inaccurate. However, if you just want to know that all of your employees are “clean” without having to wait for days and shell out considerable amount of sum, V-Chip card will do.

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