Varstiff Is Expected to Revolutionize Common Cervical Collar

Saturday, March 9th 2013. | Medical

Aside from its medical benefit, typical cervical collar can be quite difficult to deal with. Since the material used is a hard plastic, it can leave a nasty mark on your skin that won’t disappear so easily. Luckily, some Spanish scientists grouped in a research center called Tecnalia have successfully invented a brand new material called Varstiff. It’s as flexible as regular fabric but can be hardened by sucking out the air. Sounds like no fun but it’s pretty revolutionary, you know.

VARSTIFF smart fabric developed by TECNALIA

Varstiff a Vacuum Activated Material

There is a built-in vacuum hose on every piece of Varstiff through which the air is pumped out. Once the vacuum has been administered, the material becomes rigid on itself and is strong enough to hold still an injured neck. As soon as the vacuum is released, it becomes soft and flexible again. That said, it applies zero pressure to the skin around your neck and no unsightly reddish or brownish mark will ever emerge. The video below explains how such mechanism can be achieved. You’d better understand Spanish, though.

Varstiff’s application is expected to revolve around medical use, initially. It’ll be used to immobilize the injured organs of accident victims as well as reinforce the position of those with wheelchair. However, overtime, it’s not impossible for other industries to make use of this groundbreaking material. Automobile industry, for example, can use it to manufacture seats which are configurable as well as additional protection to external force. Sports industry, on the other hand, may use Varstiff to design flexible mattress, chairs, and tables for camping.

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