Verizon’s and Delphi’s Vehicle Diagnostics Launched for Masses

Wednesday, April 10th 2013. | Transportation

Despite being used on daily basis, most people don’t really understand their vehicles. Thus, they need to regularly take them to a garage for a checkup. While nothing is wrong with that, it can be costly overtime. To help you save some bucks, Delphi, in collaboration with Verizon, manufactures a car add-on called Vehicle Diagnostics.

Vehicle Diagnostics By Delphi

First seen at the floor of CES a couple of months ago, this car plugin is finally released for mass consumption. Generally, its main function is to monitor your vehicle health status, so you will only take it to the garage if the device tells there is something wrong with it. Additionally, it also allows for doing some nice little things such as locating, securing, and tracking your car in case it’s stolen.

Verizon Vehicle Diagnostics By Delphi Troubleshoot

To enable Verizon’s Vehicle Diagnostics, you have to plug it into the OBD-II port. Every vehicle that is manufactured in 1996 or later should have this port and it’s usually located around the lower dashboard. Once it’s attached properly, it will start transmitting encrypted data to your smartphone. It’s compatible for both Android and iOS devices.

The starting price is $285. That includes an activation fee of $35 as well as a free service for two years. Once that period has expired, the cost per month is $5 and no contract is required. In addition to the aforementioned features, Vehicle Diagnostics is also capable of presenting summarized data regarding your driving as well as how often you get in and out of the town. Setting up geo-fences is also possible using this little adapter. All in all, it seems quite a valuable service but make sure you check your car’s compatibility!

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