VIATAG : RFID-based Technology that Allows You to Pay for Car Parking Without Cash

Friday, August 5th 2011. | Transportation

Do you often bothered when going to pay for car parking because the automatic window of your car can not be opened? Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in Dortmund had the idea to make it easy, they have developed an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tag system for Munich’s motionID technologies they named VIATAG.

VIATAG : RFID-based Technology that Allows You to Pay for Car Parking Without Cash

With VIATAG mounted on the inside of the windshield, you do not have to bother opening the window to pay for car parking and you do not have to pay car parking fee with cash. how can that occurs?

VIATAG is a passive RFID solution, which means that the microchip does not need a battery. It draws its energy from the electromagnetic field of the reader device. The radio data are transmitted in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range and the distance between the transponder and reader can be up to eight meters. Each chip has its own twelve-digit code, enabling every car to be identified when passing through the entrance and exit. The fees are charged in the background online. A database application running on a central server controls the payment transactions. The customer can maintain an overview of the amounts debited at all times on a web application, like online banking. A list of the parking time and charges can be printed out as a partial or complete account. The total amount owed is paid at the end of the month by direct debit.

What about data security? Arnd Ciprina project manager from the IML explain :

No personal data is stored on the chip. The twelve-digit code is encrypted so third parties can not connect That the identification number with a user. “Nor is it worth stealing the foil transponders. If the sticker is removed from the windshield it self-destructs and can not be used again.

The system has already been installed in public car parks in Essen, Duisburg and Munich. With VIATAG Waiting at the parking machine, searching for change, losing your ticket – All That is a thing of the past. The car driver saves time and enjoys a more convenient service adds Ciprina.

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