Visteon’s e-Bee: Lets You Share Your Car Seamlessly

Tuesday, November 20th 2012. | Transportation

The e-Bee automobile system developed by Visteon was finally introduced to the public a couple of days ago. If you happen to be in Germany, make sure you head over to Munich because the system right now is being showcased at Electronica 2012 Trade Fair. Compared to previously unveiled autonomous concept car, Visteon’s e-Bee is a whole different matter. This system is created specifically to promote car sharing.

Visteon e-Bee 2020 Concept Car

Making use of the trending cloud storage, e-Bee allows users to save multiple user profiles each of which can have different settings in terms of the interior add-ons as well as the car temperature. The system itself is represented with three main panels. Two touchscreens which are placed in either side of the steering wheel are used to display current status of the car controls and integrate with some major social media. Projected display is located right in front of the driver, informing him about the car speed. The video below plays up some of the key features of the Visteon’s e-Bee.

An e-Bee installed car also allows its users to customize the available add-ons to maximize their driving experience. These are like wireless charging devices, cup holders, etc. Users can set that their reference and save it to their account and once they’re about to sit behind the wheel, they just need to load the profile and everything will be prepared for them.


Combining the car HVAC with a refrigerant system, Visteon’s e-Bee lets users to control the car’s temperature literally. This climate module isn’t installed within the car interior. Instead, they’re put along with the engine to provide more space for the drivers. So, overall, it’s a very advanced system. However, we think you won’t significantly benefit from it, unless you run a business of car rent. Sound of below guys!

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