ViVAX Laptop Case Is As Rugged as a Roman Gladiator

Thursday, January 17th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

If you carry out a survey to find out what business people and college students today think is more valuable than their lives, I believe most of them will agree on one answer, their laptop. That’s right! Sure, laptops are getting a lot more affordable today but it’s not the price that matters, it’s the data it stores. No wonder why some inventors have been attempting to create an ultimate protective case that can seal it from any external threats. Speaking of one, the Italian Mattia Ventura managed to finish the design of ViVAX, a completely indestructible laptop case.

ViVAX Laptop Case by Mattia Ventura

First off, the outer shell is made of military grade polymer which is not only rugged but also waterproof. Mind you, this polymer is usually used to manufacture crash helmets worn by extreme sports athlete like American football and ice hockey. In order to make sure that water won’t come in, the seal is composed of top class rubber only used in high performance tires, like the ones on Ferrari formula1 car. Check out the video below!

Still, the best protection is offered by the interior of ViVAX. Using the revolutionary Poron XRD, no force is powerful enough to lay a hand on your precious MacBook Air Pro. The molecular structure of Poron XRD is rather similar to water. However, as soon as it’s exposed to a destructive force, the molecules become highly condensed. The planned retail price for the Roman ViVAX is $199 but you can preorder it from Kickstarter for the price of $72. How do you like it?

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