Volvo Traffic Jam Assistance System – One Step Closer to Autonomous Vehicle

Tuesday, October 30th 2012. | Transportation

If Renault is busy preparing the Twizy EV for test with firefighters, Volvo is occupied with necessary improvement over its traffic jam assistance system. Basically, it’s a technology which partly represents how autonomous car in the future is going to be. It allows you to lie back while your car is slowly and carefully maneuvering through the traffic jam.

Volvo traffic jam assistance system

The system is actually an improvement over the previous two Volvo’s technology: Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Aid technology. It works by not only keeping a certain distance with the front vehicle at low speed but also steering the car based on the lane and braking it when necessary. The company said it is activated with a push of a button.

Volvo traffic jam assistance system does not completely take away the controls from the driver. The driver is still the highest authority meaning you can still intervene whenever you feel necessary. Furthermore, it does not attempt to take the fun of driving from users. Instead, it aims to facilitate them to get over the most boring time of having to deal with traffic jam. Imagine, while other people get stuck on their steering wheel, you can have a video chat with your special one without worrying the car.

Expect to see massive units of Volvo’s cars loaded with its traffic jam assistance system in 2014. By that time, we should see more features of autonomous car introduced to the market. Anyway, let’s hear your voice! Do you think it can compare with the steer by wire system of Nissan?

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