Voyager Smart Treadmill Lets You Interact with Outside World

Saturday, May 18th 2013. | Design

Unless owned by some dedicated hardcore runners, most in-home treadmills end up in one corner of the basement, collecting dust. At best, they’re repurposed to be somewhat a place to hang some wet towels. It’s not hard to see why, though; they’re just plain boring. Sure, some manufacturers recently have started to integrate a number of few interactive features that kick the machines versatility up a notch. But it doesn’t change the fact that you run, facing a plain flat wall or a lifeless backyard. This is where Voyager Smart Treadmill comes in.

Voyager Smart Treadmill by Il-Seop Yoon

Designed by Il-Seop Yoon, Voyager Smart Treadmill sports a huge display combined with an interactive system that can display virtual reality that is synced with your running speed in real time. Above the display is a tiny camera that that will monitor anything you’re doing on the treadmill, enabling the system to adjust the visual. There seems to be a speech recognition feature as well but strangely, this treadmill comes with a remote control too.

Voyager Smart Treadmill

Once in place, users can opt for between several modes. Travel mode is handy to discover some nice place with striking views for jogging. Sports mode is great when you feel like having some competition as it will create the virtual representation of your friends running on their own Voyager. In addition, Game mode sets the screen to display an endless runner game.

Smart Treadmill Voyager

Though it looks pretty good so far, Voyager Smart Treadmill is still far from perfect. Some basic features of a good treadmill are absent, such as on-board fan and inclination feature. Also, forget about storing it under your bed. This thing is simply gigantic. I guess Yoon has a lot of works before his concept can step into fruition.

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